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    1978280z pearl in color black interior 4 speed trans
    interior is in good shape going to have to do a little body work door skins,rocker panels,rear wheel wells front fender repairs. have already redone brakes new calpers brake pads wheel cylinders master cylinder,cluch master and slave cylnders.redyed carpet sill plates shifter boot inner cd player and speakers. i will be removing engine and trans this winter and cleaning it up painting the engine compartment doing the body work all new bushings, and then paint job in the spring of 07.
  1. hummer

    zcar sheet metal

    thanks i have a email out to them for those parts. thanks eric
  2. hummer

    zcar sheet metal

    yea thats what i will have to do,don,t want to that part is raised and inprented with brackets for the tail light cover. what is the guage of the steel on the z cars. i will have to build a part for the battery also. thanks for the info. eric
  3. hummer

    zcar sheet metal

    thanks but the parts that i need are not there need parts above the tail lights etc.
  4. i have a 78 280z in fair shape engine runs great but the body is in need of some repairs,but i can't find any sheet metal parts like the rear hatch metal thats above the tail lights sheet metal inside the doors floor pans rocker panels. if anyone knows where i can buy these parts please let me know. i can find the fenders rockers rear wheel archs etc,but i need the parts for the rear hatch and inside the doors floor pans. i could try and make these but they would not be factory and i would need a lot of differect tools. thanks for the help eric ps keep on z'nn
  5. anyone no the gap for the inductor coil that took place of the points on a 1978 280z 4 speed trans. the car is jumping and jerking at 20 to 25 mph. runs great at high speed and starts good.changed plugs distrubtor cap roter button have changed vacumn hoses that were bad,same problem. if anybody can help please let me know what to do. thanks eric
  6. anyone no what the pickup coil timing is for a 1978 280z fuel injected.has a missing problem at low speed around 25mph jerks and jumps.changed plugs with auto lite new distrubtor cap and roter button. still does the same thing .haynes book from advance auto said to gap at 12 to16 did that, seam now that it has lost some power. thanks eric
  7. i have a 1978 280z just bought it in may of this year,don't no much about the repairs of it have bought a book.my question is, the engine loads up and wants to run rought have to switch down into 3rd and then back to 4th it runs fine and high speed but runs rought and lower speeds. any help let me know thanks eric
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