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  1. ok I guess I'll take that as a no.
  2. I was wondering if anyone lives in north dakota and if so, are there any parts cars to be found or a good place to have the Z worked on?
  3. Hi, I've got a 78 280z and both the thremotime and water temp sensor connectors pretty much turned to dust, I haven't been able to find any cars to pull these off of, any ideas where I can get replacements for these? Thanks
  4. What about the oil filter, doesn't that matter too?
  5. sure, please send pics, thanks Tom
  6. sounds good, do you have any pics I can see?
  7. anyone know where I can get a set of 0 offset swasticas for under 400.00?
  8. yes, that's the one, thank you guy's for the help.
  9. I got it on and the it's bent there wont be much water going through it. not sure what plan b is yet.
  10. good idea, was there a trick you used to replace the molded 90? I've been fighting with it for a while with no luck.
  11. the rubber ones, wasn't the bulk hose too big?
  12. Thanks for the answers guy's.
  13. does anyone know where I can get all 3 manifold water lines new for my 78 280z? She's sprung another leak!
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