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  1. Hello fellas, Has anyone come across this issue. My 83 280zx has started to pop the speedo cable part that plugs into the speedometer. It has popped three so far. The cable that came with it and the two from my other z's. Actually not that I remember i bought another one from a junkyard, so the count is four. I have had the transmission rebuilt, and replaced the gauge cluster and I still have the issue. Could it had been that the cables where old. I'm going to order a few new ones and hope they hold. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Took this one from the left side and a few feet back
  3. To close to get the entire front view
  4. IC1Lazo

    My 83 280zx

    Side view taken with my phone.
  5. I've got an 83 280zx daily driver, 83 280zxt that I'm trying to get a title for, 83 zx parts car and now an 82 2+2 280zx that I'm going to strip for parts and sell the rest to a junk yard.
  6. I have searched but haven't found the specific info I'm looking for. My question is I have an 83zx with a trans going bad. I have an 83zxt that is sitting in my back yard. I got my local mechanic to take the zxt trans off along with the 280zx trans. He's found a couple of differences but mainly the oil line holes on the zx are not on the zxt. My question is do i have to modify the zxt trans or can I just have him install it the way it is. What about the electrical connections on it? any advise would be welcomed and appreciated. I forgot to mentioned they are both automatics.
  7. Hey 280z warrior, I was going to sell my 82 2x2 as a whole cars, which is what im advertising, but I'm willing to sell you the stuff you need. I have decided to strip the parts i can use along with the oem rims and get rid of the rest. Let me know....I live in edinburg tx and the zipcode 78542.
  8. I dont know about you Z, but on my 83 280zx, I have to take off the steering wheel, combo switch and its covers to get access to the dash screws. Then I got to be careful in pulling out the dash gauge to avoid breaking any clips. I have already removed it several times due to my speedo cable breaking as well, but the only difference is on mine its the small cable that keeps breaking. I dont know if its the trans or the fubared shaft that the previous owner put in. The shaft had to be cut and welded to fit, I dont know why but I am now trying to research to see if the shaft from my parts 83 manual 280zx will fit it. I'm also probably going to have to replace the trans since it is leaking fluid and will start slipping when fluid gets to low.
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