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  1. mcastro@ups.com

    Fuel Pouring out of front Carb

    Gentlemen, i had the same problem car shutting off what i first diid was take the gas tank out and notice it was rusted and sending particles to the fuel pump. so i dumped the old gas tank and replaced it whith a refurbish one problem solved.
  2. mcastro@ups.com

    Datsun 240-Z

  3. Mike i am restoring my 240z and i bought the rocker panels but when i purchased them they never told me that the inside panels needed fabricating and ideas on how to fabricate them?

  4. thank you Mike for the welcome.

  5. mcastro@ups.com


    Thanks EvilC, i will keep you in mind when i start up my project in the spring of 09,
  6. mcastro@ups.com


    Thank you!
  7. mcastro@ups.com


    how do i send a picture of my crashed z
  8. Toxic I believe I saw one in my town in Nutley, i will pass by the gas station that i saw it in and ask if they are still selling it keep your hopes up.

  9. mcastro@ups.com


    Goodmorning, Z friends, I am happy to be a part of a big family like the Classic Z car Club, any advice and suggestion is highly appreciated in preparing my z to the z club standards. My story starts with my Mazda rx-3, I was Eighteen. My brother was the one with the 240z. I was impressed when I first saw the Z by the way the front nose of the Datsun just looked at me like a shark ready to attack, at that moment I said to my self I have to have this machine, So after a few months of nagging my Older brother for the Z and $1,500. Later, I convinced my brother to trade his 1972 Datsun 240z. I am now 44 and I recently parked my car in front of my house and it was hit in the rear Quarter Panel. I was furious make a long story short I am attempting to fix it and show it off again for the summer of 09. Hopefully.

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