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    Right now I have a 1981 280zx. Nice condition, needs head gasket then some other minor work and should be cruising soon. I have always been a Znut but never owned one till now. Grew up in Buffalo, NY... so all I saw up there were rotten from Salt! This is a beauty though!!

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  1. THE only thing I would like to see is that car SLIDING around a race track, would be interesting to see. Other than that :sick:
  2. Hey, I think if you are happy with it thats what you should do. I plan on doing a 2-tone on my '79 280zx. I plan on a grey on top and black on the bottom. Don't know what color yet on a pin stripe for the separator on the side of the car. Some may not like my choice either but I like it and that's what matters Have fun with your Z bro!
  3. Thanks man, I will grab some of that stuff while I am there too. :pirate:
  4. Vise Grips saved the day! Well, just now, found my smallest pair of vise grips, removed the wire connector from the injector, but the only space to squeeze into was between the intake and fuel rail. Could turn about a 16th of a turn (MAYBE that much, maybe less). Attached is a picture of what is left of the screw, down on the threads there looks to be locktite though, can't imagine that was needed unless PO had to retighten the screw and wanted to use it. Thanks for all your help guys! I WILL still be picking that set up this week, I am sure I will need something like that in the near future while removing these 30yr old screws elseware on the car.
  5. Well, for the heck of it I tried the super glue trick, waste of time that was :stupid: So My cordless drill is worthless, battery is kaput, so tomorrow I am off to the Sears or Northern Tool to pickup a new drill AND that screw bit set. I will let ya'll know how the set works for me. I noticed the Craftsman set is a 3pc for $20 and the other set is only 2pc, I will see what Northern Tool has and let you all know what happens. Thanks again for all this input! :beard:
  6. I agree. I plan on picking up that tool in the morning. I couldn't count the number of times a tool like that would have come in handy.
  7. Thanks so much for all the advice, on second though, I think I will be going to the Sears tomorrow, I have a few tools that need exchanged and my wife has to pick up her glasses, I will more than likely just grab the craftsman version of that tool and skip the superglue fiasco I will post again tomorrow with some results
  8. I WILL BE BUYING THIS SET VERY SOON! Looks amazing, would be an ideal addition to the tool kit, even if this super glue thing works. I WILL be ordering this. Thanks for turning me on to it!
  9. Will, these screws seem to have only 1 fitment. I looked closely at the screws I got out and I didn't see where an 8mm socket would work, they are just round. This is a '79 280zx, unsure if this would make a difference. Thanks again! BTW, I had to go to the store this evening, have some fresh super glue, going to try that in the morning 1st. Will let ya'll know if it does the trick. - Jack
  10. I was thinking of just cutting the top off to get the rail and injectors out. Then I would have room to use some vise grips to remove the rest of the screw. I do have another Z car here that is quickly becoming a donor car for misc parts like this. Then someday I guess I will just buy all new parts for the other one,
  11. I actually did load that down with PB Blaster over the last week, the screwdriver feels perfect in the hole, and push down as hard as I can. It will slightly move to the right but then back to left and then nothing. I know the old addage my dad told me "righty tighty, lefty loosy" but this bad boy just won't get loosy!
  12. Thanks so much for the advice, it is a Phillips screw, best I can tell it is original, but as tight as it is I will have to try the plier thing 1st. If thats a no go, I was then thinking of the glue/jd weld a piece of metal to the head and that would give me come leverage to unthread it. I will try and attach a photo of the screw to this post. One curiosity I have is whether super glue will hold an old screwdriver in there? I might give it a whirl, can't hurt I guess (except when I bust my knuckles!). hls30.com, will the 8mm socket "jam" onto the round head of the machine screw? PS, the screw I am talking about is centered in the photo.
  13. I have been carefully working this last injector screw. Tighten a fraction, then loosen a fraction, used penatrating oil, etc etc. Been on this for a week. Finally most of the grip within the screw head is gone, so I can't even grip with the phillips screwdriver. This is in a tight spot. Any suggestions on removing this? I have a spare car with an intact fuel rail, injectors, and screws, etc, so if I have to break this injector I will, but I want to use that as a last resort!! Thanks to any and all that can help.
  14. Those shims would be the 1st place I would look. At your local parts store they have some stuff to put on the back of the pads (between the shims and back of brake pads). I can't remember what it is called exactly but you can get a little packet of it for maybe 99 cents. While in there see if those pads look glazed over too, but I doubt that since you said stopping wasn't hindered at all. For .99 its worth a shot. I had a similar issue on my Piece of Crap Chrysler Sebring and that is what solved my issue. Hope this helps!
  15. thanks beandip, I just now am noticing that. I am a newbie here (and to forums in general) I will have to pay more attention on the dates :stupid: Happy motoring! and great to meet you by the way
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