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  1. need a pace to ge new main and seals for a l28 engine. At a reasonable price. anybody got any suggestions??
  2. I got an 80 fairlady Z 2 seater rh dr
  3. gotta 80 fairlady Z just did a top end rebuild and keeps blowing water out the back of the head. No I'm not getting any water in my oil. and not losing any compression. Any body got any idea how to fix this??
  4. just wondering if any one would know where I can find a LT1 6 speed manual tranny??
  5. mine is a 1980 actually. Imported from Japan back in the ealry 80's
  6. I own a 1980 280 zx rh drive and getting ready to do a lot of upgrades to the motor and suspension.
  7. twisted the new lower cable off and the old one is only a 48 or 60 inch cable. the lhd are 80 inch. which is way too long. and due to a different end on the cable in to the tranny a universal wont work.
  8. hey would any one know where I can find right hand drive speedo cables?? :beard:
  9. Where is the best spot to get new rims for my 280zx
  10. just got a hold of a 1980 280zx with a targa body kit. and really happy with it but I do need to put a new wiring harness in it. And as soon as I figure out how to get my pics to post I'll be happy to post them :stupid:
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