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  1. firstly is it possible? and will i have to have a prop made? i would go for a rb however the sr is lighter and parts are cheeper and can be made as powerfull as a rb with ease. any info will be a big help thanks
  2. i have phoned the DVLA (thay do licences and car laws in the uk) and gave them the reg and thay said it can be re-regesterd and driven on the road,thay said thay have no problems with that. its just the council and the scrap man who is being awkward. however it sounds like i may be able to buy the car in bits, engine,boady, doors. well i dont mind that atall now i just have to see how much thay want for it?
  3. right i have just been back there and thay wont give me the council number that thay deal with as it should have been destroyed already but thay want to sneeky sell some bits off it so i asked and it sounds like thay will sell it me in bits if you no what i mean but it cant ever go back on the road.
  4. im so frustraighted, a car like that cannot just be destroyed and waighed in, its a peace of motor history. it looks just like yours sblake01 with the slatted back windo and very aggresive spoiler....ownly its white. im going back there tomorrow and going to try and get the number of whoever thay deal with from the council GRRRRR i could kill that council man:dead:
  5. hi im a newbie, however i have always loved jap cars old and new and my dad use to own a 260z when i was younger. i need some help and advise. i have just found a datsun 240z with a 260z engine (straight six) in a scrap yard and i would love to make a project car out of it so i went in and asked him how much he wanted for it and he said he thinks he cant sell it because the councile re-possesed it and put it in the scrap yard to be CRUSHED....now in my eyes thats wrong, you cant just crush a car like that? does anyone know any loop holes in the law or any way to save this fantastic car? many thanks Matt
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