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    85 300zx bought as project and is a rusty piece of junk that crumbles when trying to jack it up!
    73 240z bought in 2006 as project that had been garaged since 92
  1. HxC240z

    jade z 3

    question, do the original headlights still shine through those covers?
  2. Thanks, this helped me allot! One thing I noticed was that b and c were backwards on my application. Wiring going by the letters is correct, but on my e12 80 the top “horizontal” part of the T was C and the lower “vertical” was B so I would suggest anyone using this go only by the lettering. I hope that makes sense and saves someone some headscratching.
  3. "The report found that the Tahoe averaged 14 mpg on gasoline, and only 10 mpg on ethanol"... based on what consumer report found and your prices... 0.27$/mi gas 0.30$/mi E85 I dont know where I got 1/3 from, but it still costs more. eco friendly... well sort-of
  4. E85 wouldn't be worth it, I've heard they get 1/3 less gas milage on it, sounds like a bad solution, too bad it can't be that easy...
  5. where can you get a good cheap guage, the pump seemed good, where should I check next, the springs?? if it loses prime can it refill itself okay?? I took it out and seemed to be running great, did allot of little things while I was in there... help, I wanna dive my z:cry:
  6. tried getting a pressure guage, but advaced/autozone don't know what I'm talking about and napa's are 50$ it was set to 10.5* btdc by haynes's reccomendations, but I have heard 16 allot, so I'll reset it to that. 5* sounds way too late I've never heard anyone say that late, any reason why it should be there??? I'm pulling the pump apart today and checking for clogs/problems
  7. Does this mean that when the strobe lights the timing mark is at 16 on the timing guage thing?? going by the harmonic balancer also any reccomendations on which ztherapy video to go with
  8. Hello all, I have been searching and tuning and searching some more and I'm throwing in the towel and asking for help. I have a stock 73 240 with the exceptions of a lightened flywheel (5lbs taken off), roundtopps, a turbo oil pump, and just recently a zx dizzy upgrade. I rebuilt my l24 600 miles ago and have been tinkering with tuning carbs and ignition timing and it just doesn’t seem right. I just replaced the oil today from the 30w break-in oil to 10w-30 valvoline vr1. Compression test showed 150psi in all cylinders. Ignition timing is set to about 10.5. I am a newb and this was my first
  9. I was wondering about historic (specifically model year plates) plates in Ohio, as far as I know they don't have a specific mileage restraint, but says "They are solely collector's items and are used for participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, etc. but NOT for general transportation" does that leave enough grey area to just cruise around, my car is by no means show quality (still a work in progress) and I was planning on driving it almost every weekend, but I define general transportation as going to get groceries and things of that nature How is it enforced do you get
  10. Thanks Carl! thats all I needed to know
  11. For the life of me I cant find them and I think I've done enough seaching to justify posting this. I've searched the forums, google, and all the z stores I know and all I can find are ARP bolts and I dont need those, it's a stock L24. Also in my searching I found people talking about buying bolts from a turbo to torque them down more, I assume the 81-83 turbo. Will these also work for a l24. I assume they will, but bad things happen when I assume . so all I need are the bolts to attach the head to the block and the Intake and exaust bolts, studs, washers.
  12. HxC240z

    The completed look

    I'll be honest those flares have really grown on me, dunno if it is b/c I know the history now, but I was considering doing some on mine, probably wont, but it's funny how the mind changes
  13. also anyone know what kind of diff I would find on an 85 automatic 300zx
  14. So while I'm working on rebuilding my engine I have been searching for r200s and a 5 speed. I know a guy with a lsd longnose r200 and have been trying to get A 5 SPEED from Miami to Ohio, but anyways, what is needed to put a longnose in my 73 240?
  15. Another quick question, I am the 2nd owner of my z and I think it was once in an accident (I think seller lied to me when he said it wasn't), but doesn't show it too much other than it needs a little frame repair and the crappy paint job. I think it is mostly original, other than carbs (still have the flattops, just in a box) and some more minor things. Anyways someone said it was a shame to switch out the original trans because of originality. So the question is what do you think about the originality and mainly what would switching the trans do to what the car is worth? I know its my decisio
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