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  1. Enrique was always quick to offer a hand whenever it was needed. He helped Toni and I with advice and assistance while restoring our 240z. More importantly he was a good friend. We spent many hours at car shows trading stories and drinking beer. He will be missed.
  2. Including the time the shell sat at the paint shop(3 months) it took about 6 months. I work an unusual schedule that allows me to have 3-4 weeks off at a time during the summer. Those days "off" were spent from dawn until dusk woking on the car, my wife worked right along side me. It is her car afterall
  3. Its great to see those pictures again....................
  4. I can't believe I didn't add that one in. I threw the video together while playing with the stupeflix editing service. I believe I have the hi resolution photo on my home computer.
  5. <iframe title="Stupeflix Video Player" class="SxPlayer" src="http://studio.stupeflix.com/embed/psY1dYUFdQ/" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  6. X2 thats the same thought I had, that stuff is very difficult to remove, even with a wire wheel and a scraper.
  7. I tried sea foam on my car. I wasn't impressed. It might work on lightly carboned engines but after treating my car and still hearing preignition I pulled the head and it didnt appear that the seafoam had any effect at all. I removed all of the valves and cleaned the deposts from them manually. I also soaked the combustion chambers and piston tops in carb clean and scraped the carbon off. It was a long weekend but rewarding, the engine never ran better.
  8. I believe gasoline without ethanol is more stable, and would be preferable if you store your car for extended periods of time. Ethanol absorbs moisture.
  9. http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/datsun/240z/1131495.html
  10. I was thinking the same thing.
  11. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/2034412648.html $35,000 firm? I wonder if he would take $34,900?
  12. Im using a wideband o2 sensor. In my experience I have found that if you adjusted the mixture on an SU to be correct at idle you will most likely find that your car is too lean under a load at rpm. At least thats what I have found. My car runs best when the idle mixture is rich(about 10.3:1 air fuel ratio). Under load at higer RPMs the mixture settles in at about 12.5:1 to 13:1
  13. Could I get the backup copy for myself? Id like to save it on my own computer.
  14. I havent been back to this registry in quite a while but it appears the data is screwed up again. Some how none of the columns match for my car anymore.
  15. You could probably make some cash on parts from the car. Z32's rarely show up at the wrecking yards. How is the interior? Im looking for a clean drivers door trim panel for mine.
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