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Datsun 240Z
By Mikes Z car, 06/06/2010
  • Under the Hood 280ZX 60A alternator by PO. I replaced the original wiper motor with a 97 Honda Accord wiper motor in such a way the original motor can still be put back in (I left the original connector there for this). Electric fuel pump installed by PO. I had a safety auto cutoff installed for it. Cam is internally oiled and also sprayed, must have come out of a later model Z. Has 5 Spd. Engine not original, has no number on engine plate so is Nissan replacement engine. All other numbers match; dash, title, drivers door label, engine compartment badge and stamping over brake booster. I had a rebuilt Master Vac installed. Also put in a battery holder as there was none on the car when I got it. I applied grease everywhere under and on top of the battery shelf with a small paintbrush as it is a high corrosion area. Grease will be wiped off and replaced periodically if it absorbs moisture as some say it will. Carbs overhauled, new needles, seats and filters put in both. New skinny brass water tube put in that goes between the carbs. Replaced the fuel pressure regulator.
  • Wheels & Tires Has Enkei Type 90 wheels that I was told came out in the mid 80s shortly after the C4 Corvette was released. Tires are KUMHO 732 Touring PlusP205/60R14.
  • Suspension Car had been lowered before I got it by having the springs sawed off. It tended to bob up and down on bumps and was going to destroy the air dam if I kept driving the car that way. I replaced with stock springs and new KYB shocks. The rest is stock as far as I have noticed so far. Replaced tension control rod bushings with rubber ones as the old ones had chunks of rubber falling out (!). Helped handling.
  • Transmission --


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