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Datsun 240Z
By Mikes Z car, 06/06/2010
  • Interior Has racing seats. Steering wheel now from a JY 71. Shift knob to be installed says "Datsun". Has half dash cap, wink racing mirror. I removed the original tar floor sound deadener in the seating area and part way up the transmission tunnel. Five rust holes in floor were repaired by cutting out area around the holes and replacing with 18 gauge steel welded in by butting up to area cut out. The whole floor inside and part way up transmission tunnel was coated with POR-15 on rusty areas and rust bullet on new steel and some of the rusty areas on floor. Rust bullet was put on a long skinny brush and ramrodded into rocker panels pushing towards the front and back. Same for under cowl area in hard to reach areas. Fuse box was completely disassembled by me and fuse holders were soldered on both sides of the rivets to prevent further over heating though that may have been overkill. I made a 3D sketchup drawing of the fuse box, the saved sketchup file is available on my blog. Wires to back glass heater had been cut off. I restored the connections and replaced the back glass heater with Frostfighter kit. I modified the kit by soldering all connections for better electrical reliability. Has interior door panels from a later model, perhaps a 280Z. Many electrical harness plugs were cleaned and injected with anti corrosion dielectric grease. Some were disassembled for this.
  • In-Car Entertainment 1. Nothing at the moment, will put in a radio later. 2. Gas pedal most entertaining especially when used in conjunction with other controls.


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