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MSA twice pipes :)

MSA twice pipes :)


I miss my twice pipes... so do the cops.

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This exaust system was load as hell, and was free flowing. Very good high RPM performance, lost low end torque tho. I miss it so.. :(

But I am regaining some of my lost hearing :)

My new system is 2.25" with a baffled muffler(flowmaster) and it is tuned the direct opposite, lots of low end. BUT, I don't think the higher reving l24 likes it as much.

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Can you set up the twice pipes so there is one muffler on either side of the back? Or is there too much stuff in the way?

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It's not designed to do so, it is welded together, but if there is a will there is a way. Well also, if you look under the car, the gas tank is on the passenger side, and there is not enough room. Hmmmm, but you could maybe run it under the tank with a heat shield. Some of the 70's rally zcars had dual exaust, spaced out, side by side. If you want somthing like that, just get a custom job done with 2 small glass packs.

I wouldn't buy the 2wice pipes unless you plan on using it the way it was designed for, by the way, it was a pain in the arse for the exaust shop to install it, it had clearance problems, and mine wasn't aluminised. but cool nuntheless..... anywayz

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