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New 260Z bonnet (hood)

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The first vented bonnet I got didn't fit too well (it turned out to be an aftermarket panel). So I purchased a new one; ~$650AUD, 1 week delivery from Japan.

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Lachlan the $650 was from the Nissan dealership. It's a 'regular' part (ie not special order) so there were no freight costs. The vented hoods were fitted in around 1976 as part of the ongoing solution to the vapourlock problems that the carburreted cars had. Remember that in Australia we go the 260Z with flat-top carbs until ~1978.

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I don't know if they're still available, you can try!

The only parts that attract freight are parts for cars not originally sold here - ie imports.

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    • Dude,  sounds like you might have wanted to reverse the events, restored the car for over 25 years and married for 15 years...You would have had the best of both worlds...Just kidding, but now keep things in perspective....:   love the wife and restore the car...If needed, remind her how much she loved the car....LOL.  Good luck with an excellent project for both of you...Lots of memories to remember and create as the restoration progresses...Good luck.
    • Wow...Beautiful, just natural and elegant.  Very good tactfull  taste.  Huh, the car is not bad either....LOL...
      Hey, you should take some more pictures with some beautiful natural backgrounds.  That type of picture definetely could be in a magazine.  Use the same "Friend" in continuing your good taste with additional photos.  If the background was different, just sceenic, this would make a great large poster.
      Also, had a question, your wheels look line Panasport, is that correct? If so i would appreciate it if you could give me an accurate size of the center caps.  I am looking to buy blank aftermarket chrome center caps but I dont know the exact size.  Thank you and keep up the good work....P.S.  All kidding aside, your Z-Car does looks great....

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