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O.K., what is the deal with clocks anyway, why do they always break?? I really don't even need it. Are there any suggestions for a different gauge to go in it's place? Something useful? I was hoping someone would know why they are always failing. Thanks,


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Even the owner's manual recommended that the clock be periodically adjusted. They weren't supposed to be a chronometer as much as they were supposed to be a reference tool.

There's a guy that sells both refurbished original clocks or the Quartz Clock from later years retrofitted into an early Z shell.

Some one else correct me, if I recall his email was zclock4u@aol.com

Give him a buzz and see, it might be worth it to put a new clock or refurbished.

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as far as other guages, i 'spose you could put an oil temp or something like that in its stead. You may consider just waiting till you can snag a quartz unit out of a 280. It's a straight & simple swap, with quartz accuracy...that was how i handled it, YMMV Jeremiah

try asking people with a 280 parts car, or hit a boneyard- i found one for like $5.

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