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Rb30 in 260?


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I just bought a '74 260z 2+2... It's been standing for a long time, bout 8-10 years i think :eek: So i think starting it is gonna be hard.

I was thinking bout maybe putting a RB30 (turbo) from the Holden VL Commedore in it. I've seen it done in a 240z (picture). Just wondering how hard it's gonna be? Would it bolt right in? I'll probly get a front-cut or a whole car, so i'll have all the computers and stuff...

Also wondering if anyone knows if Holden VL Calais turbo brakes would fit on the 260?

And last of all, i'm just for the hell of it taking the old L26 apart, and i'm just wondering if anyone knows how to go around getting the head of, it cant be done without taking the timing chain of, and i dunno how to go around doing that? can i disconnect it from the cam in any way?




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I have just bought a RB25DET + gearbox for my 240Z, should be similar to an RB30ET / 260Z, the oil sump needs to be modified and the Z engine mounts line up but the hole distances are different.

The RB30's gearbox will be on an angle towards the passenger side, but that shouldn't be hard to modify.

The guy on this site has put an RB20DET in his 240Z, it should be similar.


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Holden is a Australian company owned by GM. They put out a few cars but their main seller is the Commodore, (Don't suppose you have heard of a Ford Falcon either?).

The Commodore's come out with V8's V6's and L6's, one of the few common cars to have a V8 over this way.

Somewhere in the 1980's (1986 or 87 I think) they bought a few engines and gearboxes from Nissan, one of them a 3000cc SOH Turbo (RB30ET) which puts out about 150KW.


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