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Wanted - a near perfect 1970 Z


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I'm rapidly approaching retirement and my days of stripping the parts from junker Zs and fixing up the cars worth saving are drawing to a close. My wife has therefore given the thumbs up to my buying a 1970 240Z (7/70 or earlier manufacture date) that I have to do very little or nothing to make it perfect. A Vintage Z Program car, one that has been otherwise restored or an excellent, well cared for original would fit the bill. Is there one out there with my name on it? Price is always an object but I know what's reasonable depending on the condition and rarety of the car. I've flown across the country to buy a car before so you don't necessarily have to be near me. E-mail me and send pictures.

Ben Herman


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Here's a better pic.

I am not really looking to sell my Z, but I noticed you live in Richmond. I live just outside of Richmond (Goochland) and have a very nice 240z (1970, date of manufacture 06/70) I'd love to show you!

It's in very good shape and has been restored, (no rust) -- but it needs the following:

- license plate lamp

- choke cable and lever

- tachometer

- dash lights

- window washer

I'm looking at getting it rust proofed. It uses some oil.


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