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Anyone have experience or know the differences between the Eibach pro-kit springs, the suspension techniques springs and the tokico spring sets. I'm looking at the springs which lower the vehicle 1" on all of these sets. Obviously price is a consideration but is there a huge difference between the three sets? I'm assuming it has to do with ratings.

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I have the suspension techn. springs on my car and they seem ok. I actually think I got them from JC whitney for about half of what MSA wanted. AIR they have sway bars for the 240 also. I went with the MSA bars, but I did have to drill to put on the rear bar. It mounts in front of the rear end, and I think the later z's had it routed to the rear so this can be an issue. I would like to try a new set of stock springs on my car just to feel the difference. I may have liked that better for my driving. Mine is very stiff.


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I have used the Motorsport springs and the Suspension Techniques. They are both quite stiff, especially when you combine them with stiffer sway bars. If ride is an issue you might want to look into the Eibach progressive rate springs. They are a little more expensive, but may give you a better ride on the street if you go with stiffer bars. They all usually lower the car about the same amount but your ride will suffer. I am planning on the progrssive springs for my 71 since it is going to be a street car, I just want it a little lower, and I may leave the sway bar in the front alone and go without the rear bar.

I don't think there is much difference in the spring rates between the springs you mentioned.

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XYZ, The guy who previously owned my car cut the stock springs on my car, (1/2 coil front, 1 coil in the rear) the cut ends were then heated and reshaped to give my Z a 2" drop all the way around. Handles great, looks cool ( you really can't tell that easy) and is a little less expensive trick (if you know someone that can do the work).

Good Luck,


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