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any r-180's with 3.9 gears


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does any one know if any nissans/datsuns came with r-180's that have 3.9 gears. i know the european 240z's came with a 3.9 r-180, but i dont think i'll find any of those at the local pick n' pull. are there any 510's or 210's or anything that came with that rear end. my 240z isnt running high hp or any thing, so i dont really want to weigh my car down with an r200. i'm lazy too, so i dont feel like swapping all the cross member doohickeys and fandanglers and what not. any help appreciated. dont get bamboozled.

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I believe the 200sx 83-88 had a 4:11 LSD R-180. If you want a 3.90 I think if you can find a 83(early) 4x4 pickup they had a LSD R-180 in the front.

I believe the later 200sx all came with the R-200. I can't seem to find the lists I had except for the LSD rears. The 810 sedan had a 3.70 R-180 in it if you could ever find one.

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Green Z, I have 4.11, 180 from a 240sx in my Z, it is a great addition, never had a problem so far! Good luck! I also have a total installation (step by step) for a 4.11 180 that I can e-maiil you if you need it, very detailed.

Have fun,


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Green Z,

I have a 280z 5 speed tranny in her. I am happy with the 4.11 thus far, ia a little louder than stock rear (I have a 74 260 by the way) but the noise is really not noticeable. I will e-mail you the instructions as soon as I hunt them done.


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Zlish, When you find them why don't you post the instructions on this site in the technical articles forum so we can all take a look! :)

2manyZ, I know some SX cars came with LSD and some came with a 4.11 but I don't think there was a LSD 4.11. But hey, I have been wrong before so if you can find the specifics let me know and I will be a the wreckers tomorrow!!!


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wow, an lsd r-180 would be great. but, the 4.11 ratio is a little higher than i want. would i be able to swap a 3.9/3.7 ring and pinion into the lsd unit?

zlishous, your directions look helpful. thanks! i hope to start on mine soon once i get all the parts i need.

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Royce, I took the information out of an old copy of the Z-Car magazine (Winter 96 issue). It was written by Steve Christianson of SMC Prducts ( formerly with Nissan Motorsports). It was a discussion of the factory limited slip units. In his chart he gives the ratios and which rear came in which vehicles. Of course we already know no early z's came with LSD's but they are listed in the chart with all the rest.

The SX cars all had R-200's but it doesn't say specifically if they are LSD's or not. It does give the ratio's as follows.

R-200 3.90 280ZX Non-turbo 80-83

200sx Turbo 84, 200sx V6

R-200 4.11 200sx Turbo 85-86

The non turbo 200sx 84-88 had an R-180 4.11 as well as the 720 4x4 truck 6/83-12/85 (front diff)

The 720 4x4 6/79-12/82 had an R-180 4.375 and the 720 4x4 Longbed 6/79-6/80 had the 4.625 ratio.

I doubt all these came with LSD's from the factory, I believe what he was trying to do was give the rear-end ratios and which cars they came in. I screwed up by saying they came with LSD's. What I should have said was LSD's are available for them, since I re-read the whole article it does state that Nissan didn't put an LSD in a passenger car until 87. I apologize for my stupidity and lack of proof reading my post, at 3 am I probably am better off by keeping my big keyboard shut! However I will say this, if this helps. If you can find the rear with the right ratio that you want, the price for assembling a LSD (or Quaiffe) is cut almost in half, by not having to buy the ring and pinion. The ring and pinion sets are almost as expensive and are getting harder to find in ratio's lower than 4.11.

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