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Question: whats better driving than the Z??


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OKey, this is sort of a rant, but more of a positive look on the Z

I'm 20, had my license for 2 years, my first car was a 76 2 seater 260z, i loved this car, even thou it was rusted, hardly worked 100% untill 4 weeks before it got stolen, but thats another matter, so i don't have that car anymore...

but since then i've driven numerous types of differant cars, to name a few with differant power configs, 4cyl turbo's, 6cyl turbo's v8s, n/a 4 etc etc, currently have a ae86 sprinter as i wanted a differant car other than a Z, but did i find this the wrong option to go for, shoulda listend to the Z community, but u live and you learn.

to mention a few that i have driven

ma70 supra turbo A 5spd 6cyl turbo

commodore vp ss 5spd v8 modded

vn commodore 5spd v6

a few vl turbos 5spd 6cyl turbo modded

datsun 1600 ca18det 4cyl turbo highly modded

ae86 sprinter/levin, 4ac and 4age 4cyl n/a

S13 180sx sr20det 5spd 4cyl turbo highly modded

s13 silvia ca18det 5spd 4cyl turbo

R32 skyline gtst 5spd, 2ltr 6cyl turbo

even a clubmen with a 100kw 4age

Z31 200ZR 6cyl turbo

still want to drive a FC rx7

each one of these cars, do not compare to the Z, with driving postion, feel for the road, general feel of the car, and i need another one to even get the feeling of driving a real sports car again, the only better aspects of some of the cars were that they had LSD and had a bit more power, but thats not that hard to get on the Z,

the best car out of that list would be the 200zr, and the S13 180sx, compared to the Z

so after that slightly large rant,

id like to know what other cars people have driven that have either not lived up to the feel of the Z, or feel just as good or even better than the Z..... i think because my first car was a Z that i thought cars that people thought that were great would be a good as a Z, i think its just that these people have not driven a Z before and so they havn't realised its so much fun...

PS. sorry again for the rant, but need to get it out

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Lets see,

69 Corvette Stingray convertible...nice car but would not even consider driving it faster than say 90MPH (no power brakes)

87 VW GTI 16V....great college commuter car, handled nice pretty nible, but come on...FWD can never be really sporty

87 VW Scirroco 16V....see GTI 16V above

02 BMW 325 Ci sport...great family car...would of kept it but cant load up the camping gear and drive up a mountain in it

82 Corvette....had an auto tranny need I say more

02 Corvette Z06....closest to the Z for "feel" lots of pover, good driving position, handles great.....TOO EXPENSIVE

02 350-Z...greta power, great handleing, poor driving position.

Triumph Spitfire...give it some more power (alot more) and it would be as great as the Z. Great driving position...easy to feel one with the car...handles well enough and can be modified for better.

Porsche 911 RS America...great handler, great power, nice driving position, was built in the days before Porsche sold out...but trailing throttle oversteer sucks...very difficult to drive real fast without alot of training and track time.

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