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Take a look at Autometer but, other gauge manufactures will work as well. My experience was with the replacement of the stock clock. Autometer have units that are an excellent fit, with a little modification to the original clock's bezel. Also, I've seen many pictures, on this site and others, of guys who have replaced their gauges with aftermarket units that look like they were made to fit the Z dash. If you are looking for stock replacements you might try Motorsport Auto or like suppliers. Some of the guys on this site can surely contribute to your inquiry, as they have a ton of knowledge and experience with the Z. Come on guys, pitch in here! Hope this helps a little...good luck.

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ooh, how'd you go for the tacho & speedo? I thought autometer only had speedos in mph? which isnt that useful here in aus?

I've put in autometer oil pressure, water temp, boost & fuel level (fuel level has been a nightmare) gauges.. have been wondering what to do with the tach/speedo..

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aRCH-Z, if you had a 240Z you'd be well aware of the living with an MPH speedo situation :)

As for your tacho (bearing in mind that it contains the indicator pilot lamps), I'm just getting mine modified to suit my MSD ignition. So you could do likewise to suit the tacho output of your ECU (stock, or aftermarket).

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hmmm.. not so fond about going to mph.. and yeah.. i know most (or is it all?) 240s are in mph.. me and my dad bought a 240z as a parts car.. (we've both got 260s, hehe)

was also looking at those indiglo gauge things as an option.. but they seem to be just in MPH as well! damn.. :ermm:

Many owners/drivers of Z's often affectionately pat their car on the roof after a nice drive, almost unconciously." - Salman Shami

love this! it's scary tho, cause it's true!!

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I was also looking for a tach replacement - but wanted to maintain the signal light indicators etc. There are some excellent articles out there on swapping in newer ZX tach guts into the 240Z tach chasis. I ended up rebuilding my 240 tach.. I replaced the capacitors and the variable resistors. As a note the variable resistor in the 240Z tach is a peice of chunk - old (even by '72 standards) carbon open system. I have moved the variable resitor out of the tach so I could adjust the response.. and set the tach with a timing light. :classic:

I additoinaly changed the transistors - which were also odd - couldn't find a listing for them - must have been a dedicated item for datsun.

The rebuilt tach functions better - no bumbing around and tends to have a smoother response. The one fault I find that it is slower than the original to fall back to zero - not dreadful - just slower - this will have to do with the transistors I used.

I would still like to find a tach that I could swap the guts from and put in my original face. Any suggestions on this.::ermm:

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Originally posted by That Ozzy Guy

My one is in mph and you will get used to it as many Z owners with original tachos have.

Your tacho is in MPH? :stupid:

My tacho is in RPM ROFL

I've just swapped my 240 speedo for a 260 one for my 240z.

Its easy to do. Just take them both apart and replace the internal mechanism of the 240z speedo with the 260z one and put the 240 case back together. That way the 240z case goes back in the dash with the original mounting screws.The 260z case mounts differently.

And the really cool thing is that the speedo goes all the way up to 240.

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