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Accident Damage?


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Took the front wing off and cleaned up noticed some ugly tack welds where should be spot welds?

Do you think the inner wing has been replaced? The rest of the welds seem ok.

Is the standard under body treatment painted underseal?


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Looks pretty standard to me. Virtually the same welds on my unrestored car.

That's a pretty good original inner arch if you ask me, if the paint is mostly still there under the dirt. Over here in Pomland we got a black underseal coating in the wheel arches and on the floorpans ( fat lot of good it did though :cry:.) My ex US CA car has no undercoating at all just paint and 30+ years of dirt

all the best


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Thanks, thats something less to worry about.

What about the under seal?

How do you replicate that finish? I've used body schultz and that gave a

"pointed " finish! spray on underseal, have tried that but didn't work too well.

Any thought on product and means off application.


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