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thinking about buying a z


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i'm a newbie in tallahassee, fl. a guy on my street is selling a z that i've seen him drive a handful of times. the car sounds like it's running at 50% performance. it's got a little bit of rust but nothing spectacular, and he's asking $800.

question is: i'm inexpeienced in car repair, so would buying this car be feasible for me? i of course don't know what's wrong with it yet, but i just wanted to see how difficult and/or expensive these cars can be. i had to ask becuase this is a baby blue beauty, and the best transportation i have right now is a huffy.

i'll attach pics when i can get them onto my computer.


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Besides the rocker, the rear quarter around the fender lip doesn't look too good either. If that's as bad as it looks from a distance, the inner fender is probably gone too...

My biggest question is, what's up with the rear end? Looks like they have 2+2 springs in it to give it that "air shocks" lift to the back end.

For the inexperienced mechanic, this car looks to be a money pit. Labor would eat you up trying to fix what should have been repaired a long time ago.

Might make a good parts car, and at 800 bucks, that's about what the owner must consider it, a parts car.:ermm:

Just my opinion, but I think you'd do well to pass on this one. Besides, for around 2K you could probably pick up a 89 or so 240SX in much better condition and it wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to make it something decent.

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the metal is rusted away, same as on the passenger side but the driver's side is 2x worse.

just talked with the owner. he said a few things...

1) "the car is originally from minnesota," (funny, because i'm from minnesota) which would explain the rust.

2) he "doesn't think the alternator is any good," so obviously i bet the battery is no good. no biggie.

3) "the engine misses, but when i have the tank full and the lights on, it isn't as bad. when the tank gets low and the lights are off it's worse." i have no idea why this would be.

4) "it needs a new differential, but the guy i bought it from gave me one. i just haven't been able to put it in."

5) "it has about 127,000 miles."

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To fix the rust, and fix the obvious lack of maintenance and get the car to be a reaonably reliable driver, you could end up spending well in excess of $5,000.... just to make it road worthy and safe. With the amount of rust that's easily visible, I'd really hate to see the underside of the car.

Only my opinion here, but I'd let him pawn it off on someone else.

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1) "the car is originally from minnesota," (funny, because i'm from minnesota) which would explain the rust.

ROFL ROFL ROFL ME THREE. But with the car being from there it only good for parts :sleepy: I would be willing to say your MUCH safer on your huffy even on the highway :dead:

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