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woo hoo ic is installed!! pics are here


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now im no professional and im far from being the best at anything, but i think i did a hell of better job on my ic install then that shop did with theyre work.

me thinks it looks nice what do you guys think. i still have to get it all welded but its hooked up and running for now. i also have to get my bov welded on, i wasnt cocky enough to try that one.






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Make's ya wonder why you didn't do it yourself in the first place doesn't it?

Looks good to me.....only thing I'd do is use something a little stiffer on the top of the IC to mount it... but you can go back and change that at any time....some 1/2 or 3/4 wide by 3/16 stainless flat from Lowe's or HD polished up would look great:classic:

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they way it mounts on the porsche is a 180 of the way i have it. and on the top which would be the bottom on the porshce there is a plate that mounts to a sub frame underneath.

what i did was use a ss steel plate coming from the bumper and bolt it to that. so the two mounts that you see arent the only thing holding it on.

i dont think i did to bad, it can always be better but hey.

2many you are right though, i think it was not wanting to wait and being a bit lazy with it that made me take the easy route.

NEVER again I tell you

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