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These will go up in the gallery however I thought I'd toss them up here for discussion.

These are pics of the donor battery well from Roger Schmidt at the Z barn. Cost was 122 bucks however he sends the entire corner from the strut tower back to the firewall section. It requires alot of cutting and fitting, however its an alternative to not having to custom fabricate something depending on the severity of your rust.


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You know I felt the same way however thats the beauty of the internet. I know that if I had seen the donor car and it was rust free, I would have been contemplating how to bring it home and where to store it. Thankfully I never even had to see it.

so the last things left to weld are the passenger floor support and the drivers side lower rear corner. Oh and a small spot in the firewall where the harness runs through on the passenger side. It started to rot out because of the battery well.

If I had an english wheel I would have no problem fabricating these patches so no more unfortunate Z cars have to be cut apart, however I guess in some form, the donor car is breathing life into another. :ermm:

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Ill be doing the exact same thing soon, planned on being that far by now but a short hospital stay has knocked me off my feet for a while.

Its great to see people doing the things I plan, makes it easier to get myself motivated and the tasks seem less daunting

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Well, I know a guy who can do miracles with an English wheel, so stay tuned. I know his work is in big demand because of his previous work, but if I can get him interested, I'm going to try to get him to make me a few or teach me how to do it.....

Be better than sittin on my butt in front of the computer all the time...LOL

FWIW, he used to work for Boyd Coddington... so you know he's good.

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