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Painless Wiring questions...


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I just bought the Universal 18 circuit non GM keyed Painless Wiring kit for my 260z. Is there anybody here that has installed one of these kits in their Z? Before i jump in and start ripping out wiring i was wondering if i can get some tips. Thanks for any help.

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I bought the 12 circuit race-street painless kit. I am going to be eliminating all the circuits/accessories that I don't really want. I have since ripped every wire out of the car - along with the entire dash. The dash had a big ugly crack, so I just decided to rip it out and have fun with a stripped interior. I have also torn out all of the heater A/C stuff.

My idea is to make a street car that is fun to drive around town, but will also be a blast on a local track day. I will have a stereo, but other than that, there will be nothing else, but the bare minimum I must have to make the car legal.

I am no electrical whizzz, but I hope to be able to do this myself. Be careful when removing your current wiring. When I was detatching the wiring from my alternator I broke one of the screws off in the alternator - didn't even take much pressure at all...

Keep posting your progress on this thread - let us know how it goes.


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