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Quick question about installing a R200 in a 240z. Has anyone attempted to install the R200 out of a Z32 or even R32 Skyline? I realise the diffs are different and wont be an easy bolt in job. If anyone has attempted this, I'd be interested in knowing if its worth doing or not, and what needs to be done.

I've already fitted the R200 into the 240z (out of my 260z) but it's not LSD. Finding an R200 lsd from a Z31 is difficult and expensive in Aus.

I had a quick bowse through the forums to find what I was after but had no luck; if there is already a post on this, I apologise.

Thanks guys.


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Sorry I can't help you with the post but you might want to research Subaru diff's as well as they use R160 -> R230 and a lot of them should be LSD's.

I know of someone who has put a Skyline rear end (CV 1/2 shafts as well) in his 240z but I can't get hold of him.

Here are all the sites / posts I've found on the net in the past that came close:








If you do find something please post it here

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If you attempt this mod, one of the things you will be dealing with is sometime about '86, the R200 in the Z31 started getting a ring gear with 12mm bolts instead of 10mm. The cases are identical, however, the output to the halfshafts/CV's is 30 spline instead of 29.

If you decide you want to do this and need a LS assy, I have one that bolts into the 12mm/30spline R200. It will be priced quite inexpensively, as I have almost completely talked myself out of attempting this mod.


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had a look at the links, very interesting! Thanks for pointing out these alternative options, appreciate it.


Thanks for the technical info. I am still in the process of deciding what to do, as I'm in no hurry to attempt the swap. If I do, I'll be sure to see if you still want to sell the parts.

Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it.


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