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ic install gone bad part 3


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well the car is back at the shop today. i hope all goes well. im sitting on pins and needles.

whats good is the woman got involved and totally cut loose on the owner. with her help, it seems things are getting done, at least hopefully.

on another note as well i think that the reason for him wanting to help so much just as of late is that the BBB just sent me an email saying that they have logged the complaint and contacted the owner of the business.

i didnt think that theyre action would be so swift but apparently it is.

that could be why hes become a nice guy now all of a sudden. we will see.

i wish i would have looked at some of the replies, because i would have done the sealer on the head and stuff, because i didnt even think about that.

wish me luck

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well today the saga finally ended, they repaired the damage to the air dam and reapaired the rad support that they had cut.

the owner gave me a full refund, removed his parts, and towed my car back to my home.

all in all i figure this was the best outcome.

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So then James, it seems that you are satisfied with this outcome. That is good. I'm glad that they did this much for you.

Still, it is too bad that they were not interested enough in making you a satisfied customer that they wouldn't actually do what they had agreed to do in the first place.

This does say something for the shop, but IMHO is doesn't say much.

"Here's your car, IC, and money back, now go away".

Just my $.02


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Well yes you may be right but at least you won't be the one having to correct the poor install at a later date.

I'm not always fond of the work other have done on my car so I've always done most it myself. I never do body work and it seems to be about the only I have ever had to complain about.

I need to get my women fired up next time and do the negotiations :). I'm the type who will usually put up with poor work and never return.

I'm glad you stood your ground and made them correct the problem, my problem is once someone does't do it properly I just don't want them to touch it again.:ermm:

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