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value 1977 240z


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I need some help. My neighbor has a 1977 240Z. He is the original owner. The car only has 63000 miles. The owner of the vehicle wants to sell the car but does not know what it is worth. The car is in good condition. It is an automatic. Does anyone have an idea of what this vehicle might be worth.

Thank You

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No such animal as a 1977 240Z.

Valuation of a vehicle is directly related to the exact condition of it. Could be worth as little as $25, or as much as $15K

Has it been sitting for 20 years in a storage unit without care and necessary manitainance? Brake systems, engine, electrical, body? Or is it completely and perfectly maintained, fully roadworthy, and sustantiated by receipts?

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A nationwide search on collectorcartraderonline.com returned 23 1977 280z ranging from $1,000~13,000. Straight average was $5,531, but the majority was in the $3,500~$4,000 area.

Of interest was a PERFECT (!) "Zap" package in Oregon! for $13,500. I would think that was a good price for this rare bird.

There was one for $22,000 that I left out of the calculation. "Highly Modified" I can imagine ROFL

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As you have not filled in your "LOCATION", it makes it hard for us to suggest a value.

Just on the offchance that you are from the best of all possible great and beautiful countries, as I am, the latest issue of Just Cars magazine lists the 280zx as;

280ZX, 1978--83,

Poor condition = $2000

Good all round condition = $4500

Excellent condition = $10,000

Just for info, the magazine also lists the following;

Fairlady, 1964--69,

$2500, $6500 and $10,000 respectively.

240Z, 1970--74,

$2500, $6500 and $15,000 resp.

260Z, 1974--78,

$2000, $5000 and $12,000 resp.


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Some good suggestions have already been presented and I might add that your friend check with an Auto Appraiser to obtain a professional opinion. You can check with the Better Business Bureau, local insurance agents, or classic car insurance companies for a possible referral and typically it is money well spent.

While the 280Z may not be regarded as highly as the 240Z in terms of rarity and purity of concept, there are those who appreciate not having to fiddle with carbs and such. The 280Z in the picture looks pretty damned nice for having survived on the East Coast. The only thing a purist might not like is the automatic transmission (it can be swapped out for a manual 'box) and the mirror installed on the passenger side (280Z's were shipped with only a driver's side mirror unless it was a '77 ZAP or '78 Black Pearl Edition unless the dealer installed those mirrors pre/post delivery).

Good luck and who knows maybe it could end up in your garage?:D

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