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Leaking fuel


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My 73Z is leaking fuel from the driver side bottom of the fuel tank hose (hose that exits the fuel tank) It appears that this hose is the OE braided vintage stuff. Where does this hose go to? It goes into the upper part of the car through a hole and dissapears (where does it end?) I've got to put the car outside tonight for fear of fire (gas waterheater in garage) Any and all replys are apperciated.



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as i remember on my 73, the vent lines etc are a tangled web. i believe the one i had leaking was similar to yours, but its been many years. i know i pulled the rear trim panel inside the car (across the back) and replaced with some generic Napa fuel hose-

its held up for 8 years since. Good luck, just buy the right diameter hose & start replacing the rotted sections...YMMV

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