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Firstly my thanks go to Mike for this awesome forum. I was thinking it would be a nightmare finding info about 240Z's until I came across this site....thanks Mike:D

Smitten on Datsun's from early teens...had a 72 1200 coupe that I got as 2nd owner..shoved a 1500 in it with twins, 5 speed and mild grind...nice starting out car, easy to work on. Next door neighbour had a 240Z.....I haven't stopped wanting one since.

I'm returning to New Zealand from the UK in a few months and am trying to get in touch with anyone in NZ who has a 240Z. From scanning these pages, it is very clear that some parts are going to be a PITA to find. So as I am in the UK...I might have more of a chance of finding what I need.

So if any of you can lend me a hand...I really appreciate it.

If you know of the anyone in NZ with a 240Z, please forward this message.

Now I'm going to ask a really dumb question....what is the difference between a 2+2 and a coupe? Be kind!


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Any question that is not asked is the dumb one. A 2+2 is a two seat two door car with an additional 2 seats. A coupe is just the two seats. Some wise guy decided to call the boot a door and hence you get some people calling them two door hatch back, three doors. It is just as you say 2+2 or coupe. Nothing to do with how many doors. I wish you luck finding a Z in NZ, shouldn't be too tough. They are all over the place down under.

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