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Amperage Question


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My 240 just came out of the shop after I had a major electrical malfunction. All told, the dash wiring harness, alternator, voltage regulator, battery, and ampmeter/fuel gauge were replaced, along with other misc parts. I noticed as I was driving it home, that the needle on the amp gauge was jumping around a lot, from 0 in the middle to almost +60 on the right. It didn't sit still very much at all. Also, I noticed that my old amp gauge (which fried) went from -45 to +45, and the replacement that I bought from ZBarn goes from -60 to +60. Is that a problem, and what might be causing my needle to be so jumpy?

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Since it was done in a shop I'd take it back! Sort of sounds like a short in the wiring causing a full load on the system since in theory all current runs through the ampmeter. Could be just a bad connection or a bad VR but since someone else did it I'd keep showing up at their doorstep with a smile until it was fixed right.

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I did take the car back this afternoon and they were glad to help. They tested the battery output and found that the new voltage regulator was putting out over 15 volts, so they put the old one back in and it was lower. They ordered another new one on the spot (different manufacturer) and will test it tomorrow. Dunno if this will solve the problem but at least they are trying.

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