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Where is the OE electric fuel pump located?


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Can someone tell me where the OE electric fuel pump is located?

The z I just bought has an elec. pump in the engine bay which seems to be aftermarket and not OE. Trying to find out what it is.

This pump is attached to a relay which turns on/off with the ignition. This relay looks aftermarket as it's wired inbetween the pump and battery.

I found out the relay is dead today, so I have to get a new one but don't know what to order.

The relay I took out of the harness says 16A. Summit has a harness with a 30A relay for like $30, but is this too big should I stick with 16A?

Also is the pump suppose to adjust the amount of fuel the engine get's depending on the engines need for it? Or is it the same amount of fuel delivered at idle and 5500 rpms?


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Fuel pump is located adjacent to the fuel tank.

If you have a look underneath near the rear wheels you should see mounts and a couple of leads.

Of course you may have an earlier model car which didn't come with electric pump. IMHO the manual pump is sufficient for most uses.

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Zedrally is correct the factory pump is mounted on the passanger side just in front of the tank . You can get a pump from a RX7 that is NOT injected , I have been running one only, for over 2yrs with my SUs and it works fine , I paied $15.00 at the u-pullit . '73 Zs were the first year to have the elect pump but earlier years were wired for one. I t was added to eliminate vapor lock in hot weather. :classic: these pumps run at one speed and deliver the quantity of fuel that is needed for even tripples. The excess fuel that isnot used is returned to the fuel tank . Cant help you with the relay , dont know what pump you have. :classic:

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