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eletric fuel pump bypassing


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Are you sure the pump is not getting power? The electric pump was installed by t he factory in the '73s to help withe the vapor lock problem. I am running just the electric pump on my Z and it works just fine. If your elect pump is shot, go to the bone yard and find a RX-7 that is carberated for sure not injected, and snag one of these . They work great and mine was only $15.00 . We even tried it on a tripple mikuni set up on a stroaker and it worked fine supplied all the fuel that was needed. Gary:classic:

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Itook it off and put a battery to it and it worked,,, i know theres a fuse for it but is there anything eles that could stop it from working.. thanks..,

Yes, there is a internal fuel filter in the elec. pump. There will be a set screw on the side of the pump. get it loose then twist the cover counterclockwise it shoud pop off. Once that is off there will be a magnet then a gasket then the filter. :cheeky:

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