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N42 head on L26


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I'm looking at doing some headwork to my L26 which has an E88 on it at the moment. I'm slowly educating my self on what is involved and how much it would cost. For the moment I am planning to stick with the L26 and my compression is ok so I assume the bottom end will hold out for a couple more years.

I've been told that a mild cam, shaved head, bigger valves n springs, new seats, port n polish is what I should do.

I still have'nt got any prices but I assume changing bigger valves would start to add up in cost.

I read the N42 is a better designed head with bigger stock valves than the E88 and is commonly used on the L28. If this is true I think I would prefer tobuy a new cam for this head and put my efforts into this. Can it just be bolted on to my stock L26 block considering I think it would be a cheaper alternative??????

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Hi Sulio,

Your compression will not increase by much using the N42 as it has a very similar combustion chamber to your E88 & if you shave the head too much to get the required comp you will need 2 or 3 shims under the cam posts.

I prefer using the E88 out of a EFI Skyline (highly recommended by Stewart Wilkins Rallying) which has a much better & smaller chamber & then replacing the valves with the N42's.

I have one of these heads all ready to go, it's been fully reconditioned with the N42 valves in it & shaved around 20 thou (I have the 20 thou shims for it as well), I would like $500 for it if you're interested.


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Sulio the setup Nick describes is what I'm running at the moment, putting an N42 head on a L26 is harder than putting an E88 on one to my knowledge anyway.

You'd probably be better off getting a L28 block if you want the N42 head. That is why most people recommend it , it's the cheapest option. To get higher compression you just need flat top pistons in there.

You already have the electronic dizzy so you should get quite a bit of power :).

Have you read the website?


I had to read it several times to take everything it, but it's a very good read, I also have the how to modify your L series OHC engine , your more than welcome to borrow for a read as I don't read it very often.

You can always buy it aswell for around ~$50 worth it if you ask me.

BTW I can make either Sat or Sun this week so far as I haven't been rostered at work at all :ermm: .

Have to speak to my manager tomorrow.

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Thanks Nick,

I have been talking to freinds since my last post and have come across an L28 with a P90 head and flattops for a reasonable price (long story). From what everybody has said I think this is my best option.

However I am still interested in your offer Nick. Could you private message me your mob number if thats not too much trouble, just in case this deal with the L28 turns out to be shonky.

Yes Gav seeing Kostas car get up and go is inspirational for me too. After that night of crazy driving my poor old tired L26 said "buddy if you want to keep up with those guys you better upgrade!!!"...hehe...

OK so lets set this thing up for Sunday. I'll talk to Kosta tonite. If you want to get together tonight we'll prolly be local having a quiet drink. If your free drop by and bring that book on the L series if you don't mind seeing it sounds like just the sort of thing I need to be getting on to.

Cheers fellas!

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