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K&N Question


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I recently ordered and recieved a set of K&N's from MSA. I have a simple question, at least I think it should be. What do I do with the other hoses that currently connect to the old orange air filter box? Such as the one coming from the valve cover, the big papery hose thingy the rests down below etc. Thanks in advance and I hope I don't sound to much like an idiot asking this.

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Most just put a small breather filter on the valve cover. Not sure about the paper thingy you're talking about, can't picture it. Check these pics out, might help you.


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Now that's the kinda shine I want off my engine. How did you get it to shine like that did you use different grits of sand paper? I wanna get the intake manifold done also love the mirror like shine. :)

To answer your question bart it's probably better to get one of the filters modified to accept the hose or get a oil breather box made up otherwise you'll dirty up your engine bay with that oil muck.

Whatever you do don't block it off also. :)

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I had a sandrail years back that I had the transaxle polished out and oh-boy it looked nice. We clear coated it and it still dulled under the clear, but not as fast, and it did chip up and scratch too. I guess these days there are better clear coats, but the best results I have found is good-old-fashioned elbow grease, Mothers polish, Never-Dull, or your favorite metal polish and a little time. You gotta stay up on it, to keep it lookin nice.:nervous:

Wax on - Wax off!:rambo:

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