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luggage cover (?)


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I had one of those on my old '70 back in '82 or '83. Haven't seen one since then. My wife keeps asking me if we can't get one something like on our 240SX hatchback. I'll keep an eye on that auction and go for it if it doesn't go astronomical.:)

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I'm not sure if I still have it or not, but somewhere along the line I got one from a dealers old stock. It was never used, and I believe it was still in the original box. It isn't for sale, that is if I still have it. I'll have to dig around in my shop to see if it is still there even.

IMO if the one on ebay doesn't go over $100 it would be worth it, the seller is right they are rare! If it is in good condition it would be well worth the price even if you didn't plan on using it.

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Wow, I can't believe that the cover went for over $100 on eBay! Back in the day (1979) when I was building my first (and still favorite, though sold long ago) Z car, the Datsun Dealer in Fremont CA had a shopping cart by the parts counter FILLED with these covers, and original AM radios & AM/FM stereos that had been removed from new Zcars when aftermarket AM/FM/Cassette units were added to pad the sale price. If you bought $50 worth of parts you could have any one item from the cart. I still have two of these luggage covers in boxes collecting dust in the garage. Guess they were worth having after all!

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Sorry, only got one. :rolleyes:

Now all I have to do is finish a car that I can put it in, hmmm... I guess it'll have to be the 71. I won't tell you about some of the other parts I have stashed away. ROFL!

Ya know, I was looking in the links and see that you have a place you can get radiator core supports. You are one up on us it seems.

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