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ok...new question for everyone. I was going through a Z magazine and found an ad in there about there being a r/c car 240Z for sale from strictly Z. I went to the strictly Z site however and found no such thing. Does anyone know about any of these r/c cars, or where to find them? I would be willing to buy them off one of you guys if you have 1. Thanks in advance

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There is no 240z r/c car to speak of, its just the bodyshell. I have been pulling my hair out on where to get one from for a long time now with no luck. I e-mailed strictlyZ and they said its discontinued. I have found the manufacturer of a 240z rally and 240zg bodies.

ABC Hobbies

It works out to about AUD$110 after shipping(body only). I emailed the sales person and they give you all of the details.

If you want the car as well, a Nitro(pertrol) one will set you back anywhere from AUD$600-$1500 depending on quality and speed. Electric ones are a lot cheaper.

I have a Nitro one so if you want any information just PM me!



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