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6/71-original radio re-install


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remove the entire console and feed the radio thru the back of the slots in the console. i dont think it'll fit through the front. not sure if you have a CD set or an older model with posts. If you have a posts model, just secure it in the console with the retaining nuts on the post

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I can afford to have a bit of a laugh mate, I've BEEN THERE.

Nick's right, the center console MUST come out in order to fit the radio. BUT TAKE IT EASY. If it's an original console it's likely for the plastic to be a bit brittle.

Movement will be constricted by the gear stick and choke cables so, unless you disconnect these obstacles, you won't have much room to manouver the console. If you opt to disconnect the choke cables, a stub handled phillips head is needed plus the ability to be double jointed.

It helps to magnetise your screwdrivers so as to avoid dropping screws into hard to get at places.


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Installing the radio is made much easier by removing the center console, but I've found that it isn't necessarily required. The center console does make it harder to access wiring and attachment points but it CAN be done.


The original Z radio for the 71 series was held both by a pair of chassis screws AND the face plate.

With the Heater Control Face Plate removed, locate the wiring harness for the radio and antenna, connect them and insert the radio into the opening.

Locate the two screw holes on either side of the radio chassis. Find the corresponding holes in the dash frame extension (the part that juts back towards the heater. Insert the screws and tighten moderately tight so that you can still tilt the radio if necessary.

Locate the wiring for the map light.

Insert the Center Vent Duct while ensuring that the wiring for the map light stays above it.

Insert the cabling for the Heater Controls and connect them. Connect the Heater Control to the wiring harness.

While carefully guiding the Face Plate back into position, ensure that the Radio Posts go through the holes in the face plate AND that the map light wiring will still be accessible over the Center Vent.

Connect and assemble the Map Light, insert the two top screws but do not tighten them just yet.

Put a washer and a nut on each Radio Post. Insert far enough to ensure they won't fall off, but don't snug it up yet.

Insert the two bottom screws for the Face Plate.

While reaching from the side, alight the radio and push the Heater Control Face Plate into it's proper position. Hold the face plate in place as you tighten down the screws.

Tighten the nuts on the Radio Posts.

From the side tighten the two screws to the radio chassis.

Install Tone / Volume and Tuning knobs.

That's it.

Removing the Center Console makes it easier to insert the radio knobs into the face plate and also it's wiring, however you should have plenty of accessible space to the sides of the dash to do the same.



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I would rather remove the console than the heater panel any day.I stack up wood at the rear of the console to hold the angle needed to then unscrew the choke.Hold the choke tight until both screws are removed.We don't want to stress the remaining screw support.Tape the screw to the screwdriver when reinstalling.After your sure it is threaded good pull down and the tape will release.Then finish the tightening--Gently!!Tip.With the console out go around the choke screw supports with JB weld as thats where they snap off.The extra strength can help extend the life of it.

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