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Z Car online manual


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I have been toying with this idea for a bit and decided to get it going.

I want to create a resource to archive all of the answers, wisdom and Z Car knowledge that flows though this site and others like it. It will be like a haynes or other shop manual, but much more in depth and of a wider scope. It will also incorporate the strength of being a colaborate effort of anyone in the Z Car community who wishes to contribute.

I have started the basic outline of what I envisioned. Please contribute either your technical expertise, your own experience or feedback!



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seems like a great idea, but i have a few suggestions:

1) have a form for users to post either outside the specific sections or as a fix/contribution

2) seperate by year, or by general specs ie 240z, 260z, early 280z late 280z ...

thats about all for now, but i can help with coding if you need it

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This is an excellent idea. However, the problem as I see it is that what you are looking for are ARTICLES and not general postings. Unless I miss the gist of your idea.

The layout is a good format, why not contact Mike here and see about putting something together for the Technical Articles Forum. That way you already have it here, where there is a LOT of activity and knowledge, and with a little sifting through the archives you may find plenty of seed material.


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