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Instrument light fitting Removal


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Ok, so I'm undoubtedly going to feel really stupid when someone tells me, but how do you disconnect the light fitting on the back of the clock? Pic attached with the one I'm talking about pointed to by a red arrow. I didn't want to pull too hard, it just spins around so it doesn't unscrew, and I poked around in the little recess (under the arrow) seeing if that was a release, but couldn't get it to come off. What silly thing am I missing?



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Originally posted by mdbrandy

What silly thing am I missing?

Hi Mark:

You aren't missing anything. There is nothing there to miss. It just "pops" out. I wouldn't pull too hard on the wires, but if you can slip a thin flat screwdriver blade under the plastic socket and pry up on one side it will just pop right out, or if you can, grasp the bulb holder and pull while applying pressure to one side as well. It is held in place by an interference fit between the plastic bulb holder/socket and the metal clock housing. Very Lo-Tech.



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The recess below your arrow and ON the lampholder, if I recall right, is where you can use a very fine screwdriver to push in the tang on the contact for the bulb. You do this when you need to disassemble the bulb holder to clean the contact.

The other possible "recess" isn't one. That's the hole with the green plastic in it. That's the melt pin to hold the bulb lens / mask to the body of the clock.

Bambi already said it, you basically push the bulb holder to the side, not pull on the wires.


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While you're there----Just twisting the other lamp sockets will scrub a fresh ground path.Myself,I would do that then install new bulbs.Of course the battery is disconnected.The Alt. Gauge nut and washers are brass and therefore oxidize.At a minimum I would GENTLY!!!! See if they would accept a little snuging down.Remember you are using the gauge post as the focal point for the pressure your wrench applies. Don't hurt the Gauge!

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Thanks for the tips. Right now the entire dash is on my workbench downstairs being stripped of everything, so the battery is not an issue :classic: . I'll be refurbing all the connections, lenses, etc as I go through this process, so hopefully I'll take care of some of these issues as I go.


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