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Best Botches, Bodges and Balls-Ups.


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Hmmm. That's an open R180 where a 4.44:1 2-pinion LSD R192 should be.

Better make sure that's mentioned when it comes up for sale, otherwise your description that the car "...showcases originality and authenticity..." might not turn out to be as accurate as a buyer would hope. 

Open R180.jpg

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I was looking for this thread.  When I pulled the carpet to look at my floors, I found some evidence of rust.  On the driver side, on the exterior underside, one of the PO's screwed a square piece of aluminum into the underside of the floor pan to cover up a rust hole.  On the passenger side, presumably that same PO filled the rust gaps (where the floor pan had separated from the rail) with a mix of tar mat, bondo, rubber, and wait for it.....  cut up and flattened Maxwell House Coffee cans.  SMH.  I'm scared to dig deeper to see what else I am going to find.  I think I will just replace the floors and rails instead.


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