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I am not the 'butt' deleter!!!


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CAUTION: There is no Z content in this public service anouncement:

Somebody just alerted me to a 'gallery comment' post which surmises a photo of a fine piece of rump was deleted from this site BY ME for lack of 'Z content'. Nothing could be further from the truth! I remember this photo (quite a while ago) and I remember it being removed, and I remember commenting after somebody asked why it had been removed, "Lack of Z content". It was merely a sarcastic guess! I can't remove anything! The only reason it says 'Moderator' after my name is because the club I am director of has a forum on this site. I don't have authority to touch ANYTHING else! I tried to remove some old classifieds of mine and couldn't do it!

Just hadta set that straight!


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