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I need computer help big time!!!


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I went to a web site for info on a dog. I now am plagued with pop ups and they take up 1/3 of the screen and I cant get rid of the damn things . What do I do to get rid of the damn annoying things !!! Its one of the onling chat crap things from all over the world. H EE LLL PPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Once you manage to wipe it out you need to take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place. I use a great freeware program called Proxomitron. It's a proxy server that runs on your machine and sits in between your browser and the internet. It can kill popup windows by not even allowing them to be created as opposed to trying to kill them after the fact. It can kill all ads within web pages by replacing the big "click me" graphic with a text hyperlink so you can get to the ad if you want to. This alone makes it worthwhile because it speeds up your internet connection; it's not bothering to download the ad image.

The bad news is that I just tried to go to their web page and it appears to have been hacked. There are similar programs out there but I'm not familiar with any. I've used Proxomitron for years on all of my machines. It does appear to be available from here: http://www.spamblocked.com/proxomitron/

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