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Someone just shared the existence of the Brasilian PUMA automobile with me. Had never heard of it... Interesting. some of these pix look dangerously like...well.... Can you spell Z roadster?

Hoping someone else knows something about these cars. My main question is: Who designed them? Was there a famous or reputable designer who concepted them? I have read through a few of the 'history' pages and can't find any deep design roots other than who started building them and when.

Here's a link with a bunch of other great links at the end: http://wj2d.100megsdns.com/home.html



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"only for ZX"

Look on page 25 of the 20th Anniversary Edition MSA catalog (the one with the orange cover).

The picture above "Side Window Louvers" is of a 1st gen Z with these louvers fitted, and taken from the catalog :


Use these side louvers as a nice complement to your rear louver, or on their own. Their one piece ABS construction make them a snap to install.

50-1081 70-78 Coupe $119.99 4lbs

50-1082 79-83 Coupe $119.99 4lbs

50-1083 79-83 2+2 $119.99 4lbs

50-1084 84-89 Coupe $119.99 4lbs

50-1085 84-89 2+2 $119.99 4lbs"

They are even listed similarly in MSA's online catalog


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There are some similarities to the Opel GT's...but the Z has some similarities to the Opel Gt and the Toyota 2000 has some similarities to the Opel Gt....quite a few personal GT cars from the era have some similarities with the Opel Gt....or is it the other way around?

I wouldn't want one for the simple fact they have VW motors and transaxles in them. But I found the design interesting.


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