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AFM (77 280z Auto)


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I was bench testing an AFM. I get around 225ohm between 6 & 8 and 125ohm between 8 & 9.

Has anyone seen this? does it mean it is too much and it requires cleaning and re-calibration?


Measure the resistance from the high side to the low side of the pot/copper trace. (Pins 8 and 6). It should read ~180ohm
Measure the resistance across the "standard"/"Reference"/"Control" resistor. (Pins 8 and 9). It should read 100ohms

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I have.  The AFM worked fine though.  Notice that the ratio is still 1.8, just like if you had 180 and 100.  I don't really know how the AFM works so can't say if that means anything.

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