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T5 swap assurance


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Ok, it's now going into the 5th month that my 71 has been off the road and I'm getting a little twitchy. Here's the lowdown. Stock tranny went out so I decided to stick in a 5 speed without changing other stuff (differential etc) and retain the same power. The T5 from an 82 Turbo fit the bill and right now I have it and my stock engine mocked up in position and ready to fabricate tranny mounts for it. My 2 major questions are 1: Will one of the aftermarket "ripper" shifters for Mustangs work with this setup so I won't have to chop up the center console (chopping is something I want to avoid at all costs)? If this doesn't work, can I bend a shifter to fit? 2: I heard before that a driveshaft from an 81-83 turbo automatic will fit right in with no modifications, T/F? Those are the major things I'm worried about right now. Is there any other little details I need to worry about in this swap like flywheel and clutch issues (I got the ones with the tranny), clutch line hook ups (can I use the little cylinder piece from the stock tranny?) and etc etc. Thanks for any and all help. I don't want my mtv, I WANT MY 240Z!:tapemouth

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Just make sure you check the spline sizes output from tranny and input to rear end. I swapped a standard 5 speed into a 81 turbo and put it all together and couldn't figure why nothing happened. Discoverd the drive shaft from the turbo automatic is larger than that from the five speed. and then the rear end wouldn't fit either. Wound up putting a R180 w/cv joints in place of the R200. Everything works fine now. My other option was to have the drive shaft modified to take the output of the manual tranny and the input to the rear end. Couldn't locate an adapter for te R200 that fit in the time alloted to me.

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