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Decisions, Decisions

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I just bought a beautifull set of 40 Mikuni PHH's, manifold and K&N "box" stlye filters. The manifold has "Mikuni" cast into the mounting flange.

On the other hand

I've got a perfect set of SU's, restored by Z therapy, polished manifold, all replated hardware and a restored air filter with the K&N element.

Which one to install? Eeney, meneey. mineey mo, tell me which one that should go,.....

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and like 2many said have a stock cam, stay with the su's.

hehe but you know your just dieing to hear those 6 throats open up and give you that grin:cheeky: that only a set of triples can give you.

stick with the su's for now.

later down the road when you upgrade put those mikunis on

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