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A/C condenser plumbing


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I'm in the process of installing a Vintage Air GEN II Mini into my '72 S30.  I've read many threads on both this and the HybridZ websites and gleaned quite a lot of useful information.

However, one thing which has pretty much NOT been covered in any of those threads is how folks have routed the lines to the condenser and then on to the drier.  Drier mounting locations are also variable.

Mounting the Vintage Air 12" x 24" condenser, you can have the ports on either the driver or passenger side.  One of the hoses (from the compressor or to the drier) then has to go across the bulkhead.  BTW, I'd imagine the drier always has to be on the passenger side somewhere -- either mounted of the front bulkhead or somewhere forward on the inner fender wall.

And then, there's the question of where to locate the high- and low-pressure ports.

So, what I'm asking is for you who have a Vintage Air system to take some pix of your hose routings between the compressor and the drier so that I, and others who might do this in future, can see the various ways it has been successfully (?) done and use them as guides.

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