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Parts Wanted: Passenger side Inner wheel arch needed for 240


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Passenger side Inner wheel arch needed for 240

Been waiting forever for the inner wheel arches to come in. I need one for the passenger side if someone has one laying around they could ship and sell. I'd pay a reasonable price and shipping.

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added pay for shipping etc.
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Some day when i need to restore another car... pfff... i need a inner wheel arch aswell.. (i think..) for my 240z (will be his third restore Hahaha..)  

As i got a "english wheel"  i will make it myself..  You could look for someone who can make one for you?  If you have on old rusty one with the right curve it must be possible to copy it in new sheet metall.


Ps. I hear you could also look for a Opel branded inner wheel arch it works aswell don't know if it's from the Kadett for sure..   (Ow i can't believe i wrote that.. i HATE Opel's!)

@Bart Hoedemaker You know what type fits?

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