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1971 240z Gauge Bulb Socket


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Wanting to get the center gauges lighting to work. Replace the bulbs, by removing the center heating console.
Still did not work, have found out that its due to the ground on the socket not being connected correctly.
When i touch them on the side of the gauge, they light up. But when installed it doesnt light up. Tried bending the
ground on the socket back, with limited success. Figured i need to replace the sockets.
Does anyone know where to find sockets, or what to look for?


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IIRC, the bulbs in the 240Z ground to the gauge housings. Make sure the contact surface between the gauge and socket are clean, and make sure the gauges are secured tightly to the dash with no corrosion. Finally make sure the dash is secured tightly to the body of the car also with no corrosion in the contact surface.

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yes i did all this, and noticed that when i stick the socket in, it makes no contact but when i then pull them out again slightly it makes contact, but i reckon this wont last the next bump. So, the sockets are no good anymore, i tried bending out the copper contact, without much sucess. Do you know where i can get new ones?

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